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Make Brilliant Ideas

A fresh approach to creative problem-solving for advertising writers, 
art directors and other creative minds

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What's your Chewy Center?

  • Clients: Hilton Hotels - Conde Nast - Shiseido
  • Clients: Stila Cosmetics - P&G Sebastian Professional - Bliss
  • Mark possesses a brilliant strategic mind and a potent creative one. Out of the brainstorming journey he created emerged valuable insights that have shaped
    the brand story we want
    to tell.
    Stephane Colleu
    President & CEO
    Clients - dr. brandt
  • Clients: AIG - Succession Capital - Pioneer Navigation
  • Clients: The North Face - P&G Bounce - Elizabeth Arden
  • Together, Mark and Laurin know women inside and out. The creative thinking they do and the work they produce — both the quality and quantity — is extraordinary. Collins Baker
    Executive Director
    Consumer Marketing Partnerships
    Clients - Conde Nast
  • Clients: Vineyard Vines - Colin Cowie - Tommy Hilfiger
  • Clients: Slingbox - The Sierra Club - Ahava
  • I literally don't make a business move without consulting Laurin. She is a creative genius. Her vision is crystal clear. She finds the angles that can set a brand apart. And if they aren't there, she makes us develop
    Liz Lange
    Clients - dr. brandt

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