What's your Chewy Center?

No matter how tough you look on the outside—say you're an insurance company or a bank—you have a Chewy Center. No matter how soft and luxurious you feel on the outside—say you're a couture apparel company or an anti-aging skincare line—you have a Chewy Center.

Why'd we come up with a term that sounds more like the middle of a Tootsie Pop rather than something like Brand DNA?

Your Chewy Center is not simply what's at your core—there are lots of things at a brand's core. It's that special visceral, chewable place in the middle of your brand that when you find it, it rewards you, and when you share it with people, they get to chew on it too.

And that means, the next time they walk into a Sephora, or their company is shopping for new health insurance, they'll not only remember you, they'll remember you well.

What's your brand's Chewy Center? Say it out loud.
(Ours is 'We find your brand's Chewy Center.')

If you don't know yours, we know how to find it. In fact, we've never failed to find it! And we know how to give it vivid life. We do it for brands, we do it for people, and if someone asked us to find if for an ocelot or a carp, we're confident we'd nail that too.